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Arris Ships 'Quad Octal' Edge QAM Module

Arris Ships 'Quad Octal' Edge QAM Module

D5 Universal Edge QAM Module Can Output 8 QAMs

Arris announced the availability of a "quad octal" module for its D5 Universal Edge QAM solution, which the company said will increase the capacity of the two-rack-unit system to deliver up to 192 QAMs.

The Quad Port Module (QPM) 8DX4 for the D5 can be used for video-on-demand, switched digital video and DOCSIS services. The module has 4 RF ports, each capable of outputting up to 8 QAM channels that meet the DOCSIS DRFI specification.

The D5 UEQ with QPM 8DX4 installed will support up to 192 Annex B 256-QAM Channels and 144 Annex A 256-QAM channels with software release 3.0, which Arris announced in March. The device can support up to 24 service groups.

Each RF output can be configured to provide multiple services on a single QAM channel, as well as multiple QAM channels within a bonded serving group or on different QAM modules in the D5, according to Arris.