Arris Makes Noise About Technetix Deal

Arris Group struck an exclusive reseller deal in the United States with Technetix Group, the British broadband-equipment supplier, to offer Technetix's products that reduce the amount of upstream-channel noise on cable networks.

Adding to its Regal portfolio of drop materials, Arris will offer “Regal by Technetix” splitters, taps, in-home active and in-home networking products. The new products include Technetix’s Ingress Safe technology, designed to reduce subscriber return-channel ingress noise in broadband cable networks.

Noise – interference to a radio-frequency signal as it moves from one place to another – is particularly prevalent in the 5 to 40 Megahertz spectral band used by cable operators to send signals from subscribers’ homes to headends. So-called ingress noise can degrade available bandwidth and lead to cable-modem outages.

Bob Puccini, president of Arris’ TeleWire Supply division, said in announcing the deal that the products from Technetix “will change the way our customers battle ingress noise in the future. This is the only product of its kind in the industry and we look forward to showing our customers its clear advantages."

According to Technetix, its "ingress safe" technology can improve carrier-to-noise ratio of upstream signals by between 4 and 6 decibels when deployed in 50% or more of the subscriber drops in a node.

Technetix Group, based in Burgess Hill in England, has almost 200 employees worldwide. Its Americas subsidiary, Technetix Inc., is based in Englewood, Colo.