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Arris Bonds Wideband Modems with Microtune

Arris is using Microtune’s MicroTuner MT2060 digital-broadband-tuner chip in the Touchstone WBM650 wideband modem, which supports Cable Television Laboratories’ Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification.

The MT2060 provides the radio-frequency core of the WBM650’s channel-bonding technology, allowing up to four DOCSIS downstream channels to work together to provide theoretical download speeds of 160 megabits per second.

Microtune positions the MicroTuner MT2060 as a low-power, single-chip tuner optimized for high-performance cable modems and set-top boxes.

Last month at The Cable Show in Las Vegas, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts used the Arris modem as part of its demonstration of wideband cable-modem technology.