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Aronson to Take Over Bernie Mac

Regency TV president Peter Aronson is leaving his job to become the third
executive producer and showrunner that Fox’s The Bernie Mac Show has had
in the past year.

Creator and executive producer Larry Wilmore, now running NBC’s
Whoopi, departed the post last March and was replaced with
Friends’ Michael Borkow.

After shooting a few episodes this summer, it became apparent that Borkow
wasn’t working out and Aronson stepped in.

Aronson was instrumental in creating the show, calling Wilmore soon after he
arrived at Regency in August 2000 and pitching him on a smart, black comedy
starring Bernie Mac, whom Aronson had seen on Home Box Office’s The Chris Rock

Wilmore already had written such a script and had been thinking about Mac,
and the show was born.

Aronson has the right experience, having executive produced The WB Television Network’s Zoe,
Duncan, Jack and Jane
and worked on other shows.

In this position, he will serve as a nonwriting executive producer and
showrunner, working with Mac and the show’s established team of writers.

With Aronson already on the Bernie Mac set, Regency is without a
president, but Fox Television Studios head David Grant is going to step in and
fill the position for now.

Bernie Mac is a co-production of Regency TV and Twentieth Century Fox