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Armstrong, Jones/NCTI Team On Frontline Training Program

Jones/NCTI said it has partnered with Armstrong on the development of new learning tools for the MSO’s frontline technicians.

Under the plan, the new “integrated solution” for Armstrong techs will provide on-demand access to materials and customized career development opportunities.

The program will cover access to Jones/NCTI’s Senior Technician course materials, two new custom learning modules developed by Jones/NCTI to address Armstrong’s specific needs, and access to a new mobile learning app, called Amp, that will be launched in August and will provide real-time info to employees in the field.  

Jones/NCTI will also supply career planning and advancement opportunities tailored for Armstrong, which serves parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Maryland.

Armstrong expects to introduce the new training and learning program to employees later this year.

“We look forward to working together to strengthen the learning tools we provide to our frontline team. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with our customers and the communities we serve, and are confident that Jones/NCTI’s licensed, flexible learning model will help enhance our team’s career paths and on-the-job knowledge. It will afford them the ability to advance in their future careers and assist them in continuing to offer the high level of customer service our subscribers have come to expect,” said Armstrong president Jeff Ross, in a statement.