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AP's Hopman saw attempted cockpit entry

As a sales associate for Associated Press TV, Brian Hopman normally doesn't
get into the reporting end of things.

But Hopman was on board United Airlines flight 855 from Miami to Buenos
Aires, Argentina, and witnessed the commotion of a passenger trying to enter the
plane's cockpit.

The passenger was eventually hit with an ax and subdued.

Hopman said the man appeared to be looking to talk to the pilot and
approached the cockpit, prompting the crew to react quickly.

'There was a huge panic,' said Hopman, who was seated about halfway back in
the plane. 'Red lights were flashing and an army of people rushed forward to the
front of the plane.'

Hopman gave live reports to AP Broadcast affiliates, AP All News Radio and AP
Network News, as well as a television interview via APTN.