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Apple Set to Shutter iTunes

Apple is set to announce a collection of new apps and operating systems that will replace its 18-year-old transactional platform, iTunes.

According to Bloomberg, which revealed Apple’s plans ahead of its Worldwide Developers Conference this week, the technology company is launching dedicated music, TV and podcasts apps that will replace iTunes functions.

Apple's iTunes store

Apple's iTunes store

Management of devices like iPhones and Apple Watches will now occur through Apple Music, reports say. And future versions of the operating system on Mac computers will sync these mobile devices, as Apple works to unify the iOS platform ecosystem of its mobile products with the MacOS found in its computers. Apple is also set to announce a major upgrade to MacOS at its WWDC.

Launched at the height of Steve Jobs’ second reign at Apple, iTunes has been the hub for Apple device and computer users to download and manage media and software. In fact, the broad-reaching iTunes platform has been widely criticized over the years for being clunky and difficult to use. 

Last week, Reddit users began noticing that iTunes social media posts on Facebook and Instagram had been deleted.