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Apple Building Marketing Team for Original Series Launch

Having spent more than $1 billion for a salvo of new original shows set to launch next year, Apple is in the process of building out its Culver City, Calif-based marketing team.

Over the weekend, Apple posted an job opening on LinkedIn, looking for a “creative director for original content." Silicon Valley’s largest company is seeking someone to “build and lead a team that will develop global multi-platform marketing campaigns for original programming.

“This department,” the posting adds, “will conceptualize and create the promotional campaigns across media and platforms. You will be required to maintain strong relationships with internal stakeholders and external partners, as well as ensuring that work delivers against Apple standards.”

This follows a week-old Apple postings seeking a “series marketing lead,” and a month-old posting looking for a “series marketing specialist.”

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A year ago, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was preparing to spend $1 billion to compete in the streaming original series business—an arms race that is now seemingly unavoidable for large digital companies and which is led by Netflix, which could spend as much as $13 billion on content this year, according to a recent extrapolation of Goldman Sachs data.

With development and production of Apple’s slate now well underway, Macworld published a little roundup last week on the reported portion of the company’s slate.

Projects include a Terry Gilliam-led TV version of the filmmaker’s 1981 cult classic Time Bandits, an adaptation of the bestseller Pachinko, which follows the path of a Korean immigrant family, and a comedy from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia masterminds Charlie Day and Rob McElhenney, just to name a few.

Now valued at more than $1 trillion, Apple is getting into the originals game, seemingly late, against competitors like Amazon—which is almost as big and just as vertically integrated, with a video business that spans production, distribution and devices.