AOL Launches Fast Wireless Access

Time Warner Inc.’s AOL unit began marketing wireless high-speed-Internet access in parts of Florida and California through a deal it cut with Craig McCaw’s Clearwire Corp.

The high-speed service, branded “AOL High-Speed -- Powered by Clearwire,” is available initially in Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Fla.; and Stockton and Modesto, Calif.

AOL and Clearwire are charging $25.90 monthly for the high-speed service, which runs on Clearwire’s WiMax wireless platform. The companies didn’t detail the speed of the product, but WiMax can potentially deliver speeds of 40 megabits per second.

The venture is unique in that it will also see Time Warner -- owner of the second-largest cable company, Time Warner Cable -- compete with its cable brethren for high-speed-Internet customers.

AOL and Clearwire will compete with Bright House Networks in Daytona Beach; Comcast Corp. in Jacksonville and Stockton; and Charter Communications Inc. in Modesto.