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Anti-war ad finds takers

The AntiWar Video Fund said it has purchased time on Washington, D.C., CBS affiliate
WUSA(TV) for its controversial ad opposing a war with Iraq.

AWVF co-founder and the ad's creator Dan Preston said the ad will run just
before the Dan Rather-led network newscast Wednesday and Thursday.

The ad is also scheduled to run Wednesday morning before 8 a.m. and at noon.

The ad was rejected by other local stations, Preston said, and by the
dominant area cable carrier, Comcast Corp.

Preston said his organization has also purchased time to run the spots over
Cablevision Systems Corp.'s New York Interconnect, serving parts of New York and New Jersey.

Preston said the spots -- which show individuals briefly giving reasons why they're
opposed to a war in Iraq -- will run in local spots during Cable News Network and Fox News Channel

Both networks, he said, turned down the group's ads themselves.