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Anthrax fears kill Seinfeld episode

The Seinfeld episode in which George's fiancee, Susan, dies from licking cheap, out-of-date wedding invitation envelopes has been pulled from syndication because of nationwide fears about anthrax and mail, according to press reports.

``Since Sept. 11, (we) have been very sensitive to content in all programming we distribute,'' Andi Sporkin, a spokeswoman for Columbia Tri-Star Television Distribution, told TV Guide Online on Monday. ``On our original schedule, 'The Invitations' was to have aired Oct. 22. However, we replaced that episode with another one.''

With more than a dozen cases of people contracting anthrax through the postal system, Sporkin said the company feared the story about tainted envelopes would be more disturbing than funny.

``We're trying to be sensitive to all the content in our programs in light of the recent events,'' Sporkin said.

In the episode from the sitcom's seventh season, Susan's death is played for laughs. George (Jason Alexander) is relieved not to have to get married.