Anthem Offers Free Preview of AXS TV, HDNet Movies

AXS TV and HDNet Movies are being offered to distributors as a free preview from now through May, owner Anthem Sports & Entertainment said. That allows cable, satellite and other pay-TV providers to offer the channels for free to non-subscribers. AT&T's DirecTV and U-verse have taken up the offer, Anthem said, as has the National Cable Television Cooperative. Network free previews have started to proliferate during the coronavirus outbreak that has prompted millions of people around the country to stay at home. 

Some upcoming programming on the channels includes the Jeddah World Fest on AXS TV on April 5, featuring artists such as Future (pictured), and  a “Biopic Music Marathon” on HDNet Movies in April. 

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“During challenging times such as these, music and films can be comforting,” Anthem senior VP of distribution Randy Brown said in a statement. “They help people take their minds off of their fears and concerns for a few hours, and instill a sense of normalcy to an otherwise unconventional situation. With live events being postponed for the foreseeable future and movie theatres closing due to safety concerns, entertainment is becoming increasingly scarce. Because of this, we are pleased to offer free previews of our two most popular channels—AXS TV and HDNET MOVIES—to all distributors starting now through May. We hope that viewers across the country will enjoy our signature high-quality content, and find some solace in reconnecting with the films and artists they love."

Photo provided by Anthem Sports & Entertainment.