Answers to Part 2 of Our 2016 TV Industry News Quiz

From the resistible rise of Donald Trump to the roller-coaster spectrum auction, the rebundling of pay TV and the return of megadeals such as AT&T's pending merger with Time Warner, 2016 was bursting with news.

In our annual news quiz, see how many moments you recall. 

Who acquired martial arts giant UFC for a reported $4 billion?

  1. WME-IMG
  2. Madison Square Garden Company
  3. CAA
  4. WWE

After being forced out as CEO of Viacom by the Sumner and Shari Redstone, Philippe Dauman quickly sold his shares in the media company.  How much money did Dauman get for his Viacom stock?

  1. $59.5 million
  2. $121.5 million
  3. $83 million
  4. $41.8 million

What journalism group branded Donald Trump a clear and present danger to journalistic freedom worldwide?

  1. Sigma Delta Chi
  2. Committee to Protect Journalists
  3. Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
  4. Reporters Without Borders

2016 saw the debut of 4K Ultra High-Def Blu-ray Disc. Only one major studio has not backed the format. Which one?

  1. Disney
  2. Warner Bros.
  3. 20th Century Fox
  4. Universal Studios

In which market with NBC launch a new O&O Jan. 1?

  1. Charlotte, N.C.
  2. Boston
  3. Portland, Ore.
  4. Dallas

In winning the World Series, the Chicago Cubs not only ended a historic 108-year championship drought, but powered the most watched World Series game in 25 years. How many people, on average were watching game seven as the Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians in a 10-inning thriller?

  1. 83 million
  2. 59.5 million
  3. 40 million
  4. 38.2 million

Which show was NOT canceled in 2016?

  1. Netflix’s Marco Polo
  2. WGN America’s Salem
  3. ABC’s Secrets and Lies
  4. Amazon’s Mad Dogs

Which national event in 2016 was broadcast live using ATSC 3.0, the next-gen, over-the-air transmission system?

  1. The World Series
  2. The third presidential debate
  3. The Emmys
  4. The Macy’s Day Parade

Which major weather event spurred nearly two days of nonstop local TV coverage?

  1. Hurricane Matthew
  2. Winter Storm Jonas
  3. Hailstorms in Texas
  4. Flooding in Louisiana

The Audience Network docuseries Religion of Sports was produced by which unlikely sports duo?

  1. Michael Strahan and Tom Brady
  2. Derek Jeter and Pedro Martinez
  3. Peyton and Eli Manning
  4. Tim McCarver and Deion Sanders