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Answers to Part 1 of Our 2016 TV Industry News Quiz

From the resistible rise of Donald Trump to the roller-coaster spectrum auction, the rebundling of pay TV and the return of megadeals such as AT&T's pending merger with Time Warner, 2016 was bursting with news.

In our annual news quiz, see how many moments you recall. 

1. Which landmark media company building was sold in 2016?

  1. 30 Rockefeller Center
  2. The Sony Pictures lot
  3. Tribune Tower
  4. Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash. headquarters

2. What was the name of the Woody Allen TV series that ran on Amazon?

  1. Take the Money and Run
  2. Citarella Story
  3. Crisis in Six Scenes
  4. Midnight in Manhattan

3. Roger Ailes resigned his powerful post as chairman of Fox News just weeks after anchor Gretchen Carlson sued alleging sexual harassment. How much did 21st Century Fox pay to settle Carlson’s suit?

  1. $5 million
  2. $10 million
  3. $20 million
  4. $59.5 million

4. How many scripted original series are there on streaming services, according to FX Networks’ annual survey?

  1. 52
  2. 47
  3. 93
  4. 71

5. Which comedian, speaking at a network upfront presentation, said Crackle, Vox and Vevo weren’t TV networks, they were “sound effects when Batman punches a bad guy?”

  1. James Corden
  2. Seth Meyers
  3. Chelsea Handler
  4. Jimmy Kimmel

6. On Aug. 29, new Federal Aviation Administration operational rules for commercial operators of drones went into effect, lessening restrictions on how broadcasters and other operators can use drones. Which of the following is not allowed for broadcasters under the new FAA rules?

  1. Operating a drone at night
  2. Using a drone to take video/photos of individual people
  3. Flying over crowds
  4. Flying near a fire, accident or other emergency scene

7. Who succeeded Charles Osgood as host of CBS Sunday Morning?

  1. Anthony Mason
  2. Deborah Norville
  3. Steve Kroft
  4. Jane Pauley

8. Despite big headlines about lower ratings for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, NBCU CEO Steve Burke reported that the company made a huge profit on the games. How much did NBCU make?

  1. $351 million
  2. $250 million
  3. $120.5 million
  4. $59.5 million

9. If a Ninth Circuit appeals court decision stands, who has the authority to regulate the privacy of an edge provider (like Yahoo!) owned by a common carrier (like Verizon)?

  1. The FTC
  2. The FCC
  3. Both
  4. Neither

10. Which was NOT a series on new cable channel Viceland?

  1. Balls Deep
  2. Weediquette
  3. I Can’t Feel My Face
  4. F**k That’s Delicious