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Another Comcast Tech Caught Napping

A snoozing service technician again tarnished consumers’ perception of Comcast.

Tech and consumer blogs repeated the tale of a Garden City, Mich., homeowner, identified in blogs as Misty Maironi. She said she requested a service call and sent the tech to her basement to work on a connection. When he did not resurface for more than one hour, the woman sent her son down to see what the worker was doing.

Son Chris found the worker asleep on his bed and snapped a cell-phone picture of the napper before he woke up the worker. The subscribers said the worker fell back to sleep after the incident.

Jennifer Khoury, senior director of corporate communications for Comcast, confirmed the incident, emphasizing that the man was a Comcast contractor.

The man will no longer work for Comcast, she said. Another technician was dispatched to the Garden City home and completed the service call to the customer’s satisfaction, she added.

The Michigan division is retraining in-house and contract employees, re-emphasizing the company’s code of conduct, she said.

Comcast is in the process of hiring more workers, lessening its reliance on outside contractors, Khoury noted. The company announced that 4,000 workers will be hired by the end of this year, 3,000 of them technical workers. More will be added next year, she said. Training of those workers will include information on the company code of conduct and Comcast’s zero tolerance for rudeness, she added.

Earlier this year, a home video of a Comcast tech who fell asleep while on hold with dispatch became a popular download on YouTube ( That Philadelphia-area worker was fired and the company offered a similar apology.