Anna Perez Exiting NBC Universal

Anna Perez, executive vice president of communications for NBC Universal, is leaving the company.

Perez told her staff Tuesday that she was returning to the San Francisco Bay area at the end of May. Perez -- former adviser to the Bush administration and then national-security advisor to Condoleeza Rice -- has lived in New York while her husband has been in Mill Valley, Calif. Perez said the move is entirely personal, centered on "the three Hs: husband, home, hairdresser."

Her replacement has not been selected.

NBC reached deep into the Washington power corridor almost two years ago when it tapped Perez in April 2004 to run the communications arm of the company as it closed in on the completion of its merger with Vivendi Universal.

Perez had been onetime deputy assistant to the president and counselor for communications for then National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice.

Perez's resume also included general manager, corporate communications, for Chevron and, before that, executive stints at Disney and Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles.