Animal Planet Looks To Entertain With 'Rat Busters NYC' Series

With its upcoming series, Animal Planet hopes that viewers won't stay away as the mice and rats are at play.

Hosted by what Animal Planet describes as "entertainments most entertaining exterminators," Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales, Rat Busters NYC follows the duo on their pest-ridding excursions throughout the metropolitan area.

Tallman and Morales work for New York and Long Island-based extermination Magic Exterminating and will be toiling in front of the cameras as they get rid of some of the area's most unwanted housemates: pigeons, raccoons, roaches and, of course, rats.

The series, which premieres Friday Aug. 26 at 10 p. m., will track Tallman and Morales battling huge mutant rats that threaten the stability of a Brooklyn warehouse; struggling to rid a cluttered Queens basement of unwanted mice and a possible seven foot pet python; and getting pigeons nesting in a Queens homeowner's walls to fly the coop.

"This job is never easy. Timmy and I have to be one step ahead of our catch. We always say we have to think like rats," said Morales. "It can sometimes take months to eradicate a pest problem, so we're always rolling with the punches and coming up with new tactics to come out ahead."

"Michael and I are constantly getting down and dirty searching for pests people don't want to see or touch," noted Tallman. "You'd expect to find rats, raccoons and bedbugs in the filthiest of places, but in this city they're everywhere - suburban neighborhoods, city high rises and office buildings, and everywhere in between! We're the last line of defense against unwanted roommates that don't pay rent."