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Analytics Firm Picks 10 Most Anticipated Fall Shows Based on Social Chatter

Networked Insights, the analytics company that uses social
network data to help brands understand how viewers respond to TV shows and advertising,
has issued a list of the 10 most anticipated new 2012 fall broadcast network

NI -- which is funded by Goldman Sachs -- analyzes conversations
in social media across the Internet. The social data comes from a variety of
social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and thousands of blogs
and forums.

The shows on the list aren't necessarily the ones most
likely to succeed, but are those that have been most discussed by potential

The series with the highest social index ranked from one to
ten are: The New Normal (NBC); Revolution (NBC); The Mindy
(Fox); Elementary (CBS); The
(Fox, midseason); The Carrie Diaries (The CW); Arrow (The
CW); Last Resort (ABC); Nashville (ABC); and Vegas (CBS).

The study does offer one-sentence summaries for each of the
10 shows stating why they have a chance for success. Regarding the most
anticipated series, NBC's The New Normal, the study says it's "funny,
semi-realistic and like Modern Family meets Glee," while
second pick, NBC's Revolution,
is an "intriguing premise and has fan favorite showrunners [Eric Kripke, of Supernatural fame, who created the
series with J.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau]."

Networked Insights has done work with both TV networks and
advertisers, and recently formed a partnership with MagnaGlobal, the strategy,
intelligence and media investment arm of Mediabrands, which oversees media
agencies such as Initiative and Universal McCann, among others.

NI's clients include CBS, Turner, MTV, Lifetime, Starcom
MediaVest Group, AT&T, Kraft, P&G, MillerCoors and Verizon.

The analytical research also says Fox's The Following
resonates because it has "Kevin Bacon cast in a solid plot," while The Mindy
is "a nice mix of humor and realism."

ABC's The Last Resort has "a strong cast and crew,"
while the network's Nashville stars Connie Britton who is seen by many
as a "great actress."

CBS' Elementary drew praise because "Sherlock Holmes
stories in general are very enjoyable," while for Vegas, "the star-studded
cast is the draw, particularly Michael Chiklis."

And about The CW's The Carrie Diaries it says, "AnnaSophia
Robb is worth watching it for, and the plot works," while for Arrow, "it
has a familiar cast and style for current CW viewers."

Networked Insights also included additional show-by-show
detail and information gleaned from the online posts it monitored from May 1 through
Sept. 12.

The New Normal

Showrunner Ryan Murphy's comedic style resonates strongly
with viewers.

Viewers are excited to watch The Real
Housewives of Atlanta
cast member NeNe Leakes in a new role for her.

Among the sentiment of those discussing the show, 13% identified it as
positive, 3% negative and 84% neutral.


Viewers expressed excitement after watching the extended
teaser during the Olympics.

Many viewers think the show has promise but have doubts that
NBC can resist cancelling the show.

It is being discussed across social networks by fans of The
CW's Supernatural, Fox's Alcatraz, NBC's Awake and TNT's Falling Skies.

Viewer sentiment for the show is 46% positive, 4% negative
and 50% neutral.

The Mindy Project

Show star Mindy Kaling has a large social following and is
considered very funny in everything she does.

The show contains situations that are relatable to viewers.

It is being discussed across social networks by fans of Fox's
The New Girl and NBC's The Office.

Viewer sentiment for the show is 33% positive, 6%
negative and 61% neutral.

Elementary (CBS)

Overall, viewers are happy with the casting.

With Watson being a woman, viewers discuss the possibility
of a romance between her and Holmes.

The show is being discussed across social networks by fans
of CSI: Miami and PBS' Sherlock.

Viewer sentiment for the show is 31% positive, 8% negative
and 61% neutral.

The Following

Showrunner Kevin Williamson is drawing heavy viewer
attention, but Kevin Bacon has him beat for leading viewer interest.

The show is being discussed across social networks by fans
of CBS' Person of Interest and USA's Burn Notice.

Viewer sentiment is 35% positive, 10% negative and 55%

The Carrie Diaries
(The CW)

AnnaSophia Robb is a huge draw for tuning in.

Viewers like the concept.

The show is being discussed across social networks by fans
of The CW's Gossip Girl, ABC's Revenge and HBO's Girls.

Viewer sentiment is 31% positive, 4% negative and 65%

Arrow (The CW)

Fans of The CW know the cast and feel it is an aesthetic fit
to what they are used to watching on the network.

Original Green Arrow
comic fans are not impressed with the reinterpretation.

The show is being discussed across social networks by fans
of The CW's Smallville and The Vampire Diairies.

Viewer sentiment is 12% positive, 9% negative and 79% neutral.

Last Resort

While Scott Speedman gets a lot of publicity, Andre Braugher
has more social conversation.

Shawn Ryan is still remembered for his previous TV hits
including The Shield on FX.

The show is being discussed across social networks by fans
of TNT's Leverage and USA's Burn Notice.

Viewer sentiment is 21% positive, 9% negative and 70%

Nashville (ABC)

Viewers offer much praise of series costar Connie Britton.

There's mixed sentiment around costar Hayden Panettiere, but
a majority of viewers thinks she fits the role.

The show is being discussed across social networks by fans
of ABC Family's The Secret Life of the
American Teenager
and ABC's GCB.

Viewer sentiment is 25% positive, 5% negative and 70%

Vegas (CBS)

The show's cast-which includes Dennis Quaid and Michael
Chiklis-is much more of a draw to viewers that the plot and story line.

The show is being discussed across social networks by fans
of FX's The Shield, HBO's Boardwalk Empire and AMC's Mad Men.

Viewer sentiment is 23% positive, 3% negative and 74%