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Analytics Company Uses Social Media to Gauge the New Broadcast Series

Networked Insights, the analytics company that uses social
network data to help brands understand how viewers are responding to TV shows
and advertising, has issued its list of broadcast network shows it recommends
marketers either buy or avoid.

It delivers recommendations on specific TV shows by
analyzing conversations in social media across the Internet. The social data analysis
comes from a variety of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube and thousands of blogs and forums.

Among the new series introduced this week by the five major
broadcast networks that NI recommends to marketers as those which are likely to
succeed based on positive social media engagement are Fox dramas Sleepy
and Almost Human and comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine; NBC
dramas The Blacklist,Believe and Crisis; ABC drama Marvel's
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
and comedy Super Fun Night; CBS drama Intelligence and sitcom The Crazy
; and CW drama Reign.

The list of new series NI is recommending media buyers pass
on includes NBC drama Ironside and sitcom Sean Saves the World;
Fox comedies Us and Them and Surviving Jack; ABC drama Mind
and comedy Back in the Game; CBS drama Hostages and
sitcom The Millers; and CW drama The Originals.

What's the methodology once all the information is gathered
from social media? Here's what NI says:

  • Winners and losers are picked based upon a mixture of
    conversation volume, sentiment and themes.
  • Conversation volume is the initial metric, used to classify shows as winners or
    losers because it indicates whether or not a show is content that
    viewers/consumers want to engage with.
  • Sentiment is the next metric to be used, as measuring the volume of reaction is
    not enough without a concept of what direction the conversation is heading
  • Conversation themes are used to apply context to the conversation volume and
    sentiments to determine if positive or negative sentiment is completely related
    to the show or cast, not the network.

That's all well and good, provided Networked Insights has a
good track record. In fact, last year, they picked 13 shows to succeed, and
while not all were hits or even major successes, six of them were renewed for
next season. Even more impressive, however, of the nine shows they suggested
buyers pass on, all nine were cancelled.

The six new shows NI recommended media agencies buy last
season that were renewed were: Fox drama The Following, ABC drama Nashville,
NBC drama Revolution, CW dramas Arrow and The CarrieDiaries,
and Fox sitcom The Mindy Project.

The nine shows NI recommended buyers stay away from last
season, which were cancelled at some point, were CBS dramas Made in Jersey
and Golden Boy; Fox drama The Mob Doctor and sitcom Benand Kate; ABC sitcoms Malibu
and The Family Tools and drama Zero Hour; NBC sitcom Go
and CW drama Emily Owens, M.D.

Here is what NI research says about the shows it is
recommending for the 2013-14 season:

Almost Human, Fox: Has the most social media engagement of
all the Fox new series pickups. J.J. Abrams is driving strong, positive
reception with 62% of conversations mentioning him as the main reason for
tuning in. Series star Karl Urban is getting 35% of the conversation.
Believe, NBC: 54% like the premise of the show, while 27%
of the conversation is driven by J.J. Abrams.
The Blacklist, NBC: The similarity to USA's hit drama White
is mentioned in 68% of the conversations.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fox: Andre Braugher is driving 32% of the
conversation, more than the main star Andy Samberg.
The Crazy Ones, CBS: Sarah Michelle Gellar is driving 71% of the
social conversation.
Crisis, NBC: 71% like the premise.
Intelligence, CBS: Series star Josh Holloway is driving 49% of
the social engagement.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC: Has the most social media
engagement of any new ABC series, with 45% of the conversation about the Agent
Phil Coulson character.
Reign, The CW: 74% of the conversations are positive about the
story line.
Sleepy Hollow, Fox: Fantasy dramas drive strong social
engagement. The unique premise of the series is mentioned in 43% of the
conversations, while 18% like the involvement of the former Fringe showrunners.
Super Fun Night, ABC: Series star Rebel Wilson is driving
positive social response-45% of conversations are about her.