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AMPTP: WGA 'Not Serious' as Negotations Resume

If you have a bet that there will be a work stoppage in Hollywood, you will be encouraged by the apparent results of Wednesday’s resumption of negotiations between the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and the Writers Guild of America.

The two sides resumed talks at the WGA offices in Los Angeles, after which AMPTP president Nick Counter issued the following statement: “The Writers Guild of America made clear today that they are not serious about negotiating a new contract and have a total disregard for the true state of the industry and its fundamental economics. With two months to respond to our proposals, we were once again rebuffed with little or no explanation. Seemingly, the WGA is much more concerned about posturing and their proposals, which only seek to vastly increase our costs and encumber our ability to adapt in this ever-changing time."

A WGA spokesperson did not offer a statement when contacted via e-mail, noting only that the sides are scheduled to resume talks Thursday morning at the same venue.