Amino to Use ICTV’s ‘HeadendWare’

Amino Communications will use ICTV Inc.’s “HeadendWare” platform in its set-top boxes, the companies said Wednesday.

Amino is a manufacturer of low-cost, high-functionality set-tops for Internet-protocol TV.

The partnership will enable network operators to deliver advanced interactive services such as branded games, children's programming, local news, sports and weather and transactional opportunities, the two companies said.

“With the increased competition in the telecommunications sector, network providers are seeking to distinguish themselves by delivering advanced broadband services," Amino CEO Bob Giddy said in a prepared statement.

"The ability to work with ICTV and our existing partner, Myrio [Corp.], to expand the capabilities of our set-top boxes will enable our customers to provide the depth and quality of content needed for them to be successful in the digital-video business,” he added.

ICTV vice president of marketing and business development Jonathan Symonds added, “HeadendWare's use of centralized processing power has made it the ideal choice for the delivery of high-quality interactive services to a wide range of set-tops.”