Amino Demos Intel Chip In IPTV Set-Top

Amino Communications, a U.K.-based IPTV set-top supplier, has demonstrated an IPTV box powered by Intel's Atom CE4100 processor, formerly code-named "Sodaville."

With the Intel chip, Amino will develop new types of hybrid/over-the-top devices and the vendor said it is now working with several customers on such set-tops. The Sodaville chip, which Intel announced at its developers forum in September, combines features supporting high-definition video support, 3-D graphics and high-quality audio based on Intel's standard processor architecture.

"We look forward to delivering a powerful new STB that harnesses the strengths of the CE4100 to deliver top-notch performance, improved functionality and reliability at a compelling price point," Amino chief technology officer Dominique Le Foll said in a statement.

Intel's CE4100 is designed to fit into a range of Internet-connected TV devices, including media players, advanced set-top boxes and digital TVs.