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America's Most Wanted looks at terrorists

Fox's America's Most Wanted is taking on terrorism at the request of
the White House and the FBI.

Fox executives said they are rushing to produce a special edition of the
crime-fighting series that will tackle the FBI's new list of 22 most-wanted

Fox will air America's Most Wanted: A Special Edition: Terrorists
Friday at 9 p.m., bumping new drama Pasadena.

The show's regular Saturday nighttime period is going to be pre-empted by
Major League Baseball playoff coverage.

The special episode is also expected to be shown on Fox cable networks FX and
Fox News Channel after it airs on the broadcast network.

Meanwhile, America's Most Wanted is about to hit the radio, too. Fox-owned Twentieth Television has struck a deal with Total Media Communications to put the weekly show on radio.

Total Media is currently developing different forms of the show, and it will likely start syndicating America's Most Wanted to radio stations in Canada and the United States in early 2002.

Fox executives said there might be daily vignettes of the series and specially produced elements for radio only.