Amdocs Tackles Small Cell Deployments

Amdocs has rolled out two platforms aimed at helping service providers accelerate the rollout of small cell networks and a Wi-Fi offload platform – two areas that are becoming increasingly important to the cable industry as MSOs continue to expand their Wi-Fi networks.

The new Small Cell Solution covers the planning, engineering and deployment of an infrastructure that’s coming into play as operators look to expand and boost the capacity of their wireless networks through the use of highly-concentrated, microcell systems that complement their macro cellular networks. Amdocs claims its approach can help operators reduce time and costs of high-scale small cell deployments.

The concept of small cells is expected to become a big focus for the cable industry in the years ahead, CableLabs executive vice president of research and development Tom Lookabaugh said at a recent cable event in Denver. 

Amdocs also rolled out a Wi-Fi offload product, dubbed the Smart Net Solution, that’s designed to automate session monitoring of user activity and network conditions based on data plans and service provider policies. It’s factoring in as cellular network operators lean more heavily on Wi-Fi to offload traffic and alleviate congestion on the cell network.

The MSO members of the "CableWiFi" roaming alliance -- Cablevision Systems, Comcast, Cox Communications, Bright House Communications, and Time Warner Cable -- have already rolloed out more than 200,000 Wi-Fi hotspots so far.