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AMC's Opens Gate To 'The Prisoner' Online

AMC, which is readying its own reinterpretation of The Prisoner for airing in November, is giving viewers a chance to check out the original online.

The network will premiere all 17 episodes of The Prisoner, which ran on ITV in the U.K. in 1967-69 and then on CBS during 1968-69, on its Web site,

The AMC site also features one-minute versions of all the episodes, full episode recaps, a behind-the-scenes photo gallery, a trivia quiz, and a talk forum. Users can also catch exclusive, behind-the-scenes, making of video diaries of AMC’s new miniseries reinterpretation of The Prisoner, starring Jim Caviezel in the lead role as Number Six, the part originally made famous by Patrick McGoohan and Ian McKellen as Number Two

AMC’s production will reflect 21st century concerns and anxieties, such as liberty, security, and surveillance, yet also showcase the same key elements from the original including paranoia, tense action and socio-political commentary.