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Altice USA Begins Deployment of ‘Smart’ WiFi with Altice One Customers

Altice USA announced that it has begun deployment of “smart” WiFi technology to Altice One customers in the Optimum footprint within the New York Tri-State area, as well as fiber-to-the-home customers in that region.

It will soon be available to customers within the Suddenlink-branded footprint, the operator said.

The new technology feature includes a simplified network connection, eliminating the need for users to manually select between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

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Intelligent band and access point steering provides the best possible connection for devices no matter where they are in the home.

Mesh network technology is also included, allowing the optional use of extenders to eliminate dead zones and boost signals.

Meanwhile, advanced traffic management features improve the performance of video streaming and gaming.

An Altice USA spokesperson told MCN that while the cable operator works with "numerous" technology partners, the smart WiFi feature is based on proprietary tech. It is being offered free to Altice USA customers, the rep told us. Although, Altice USA did just raise prices across the board on internet and TV services. 

“Powerful connectivity has become a core component of any home environment, and the introduction of smart WiFi to the Altice One experience brings our in-home broadband to the next level in terms of coverage, ease of use, and reliability,” said Hakim Boubazine, Altice USA’s president of telecommunications and chief operating officer, in a statement. “Bringing smart WiFi intelligent mesh technology to our Optimum and Suddenlink customers ensures that they are always connected to blazing fast WiFi and the strongest signal possible, providing more choice and flexibility in how and where they use their connected devices.”