Alticast Softens Up Videotron’s Multi-Room DVR

Alticast said its engineering team developed “much of the critical software” for the X8, a Cisco Systems-made multi-room DVR for Canada’s Videotron that is capable of recording eight programs at the same time.

The X8 is a next-gen box for Videotron’s “illico” digital interactive TV offering serving more than 1.7 million Videotron subs.

According to data about the device, the X8’s 2 terabyte drive can record up to 230 hours of HD video and, from a multi-room standpoint, is compatible with two Cisco models (the 4642HD and 8642 HD PVR), and two Samsung models (6340 HD and Samsung 8340 HD PVR).

“Keeping our illico service at the cutting-edge of entertainment delivery is a strategic imperative, so we turned to Alticast to leverage their expertise in the industry to help us bring our new X8 set-top box to market quickly,” said Marie-Ginette Lepage, VP, marketing-content and broadcasting, for Videotron, in a statement. “Offering our subscribers the very best multi-screen TV experience with continued innovation is our goal, and our new X8 set-top is one of the keys to ensuring that we meet this goal.”

“This project not only demonstrates Videotron’s commitment to its subscribers, it demonstrates the capabilities of our engineers and their ability to solve operators’ most demanding software development needs,” added Alticast CTO John Carlucci.