All stats, all the time

Get ready for another Fox Sports tech advance. The forward-thinking sports division is developing a new Fox box for its upcoming Major League Baseball coverage, one that will look a lot like the NASCAR ticker that tracks the order of the race cars. The new Fox box, which will likely debut this season on one of Fox Sports' MLB outlets (Fox Sports Net, FX, Fox Family Channel or the Fox network) will give more stats without interfering with the action. "It's actually easier to use as a consumer," says Fox Sports Net President Tracy Dolgin. "You have less chance for a baseball to get lost because you just sort of crop the picture below the graphic."

Fox and WKNT-TV Bowling Green, Ky., have parted ways. The network claims the station wasn't living up to the terms of their affiliation agreement. The station owner couldn't be reached for comment. Whatever the problem, it didn't deter NBC from promptly picking up the station as its affiliate. Fox is now talking to several other stations in the area.