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All My Children Tops Daytime Emmy Noms

ABC’s All My Children led the competition in Daytime Emmy Award nominations announced Wednesday.

The long-running soap is up for 18 awards, while ABC’s The View and syndication’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, from Warner Bros., both grabbed 11 nominations for best talk show. (After winning 35 Daytime Emmy awards, Oprah Winfrey removed herself from the competition years ago).

On the syndicated reality front, Starting Over got two nominations, the first for the Bunim-Murray/NBC Universal show, which will begin its third season in September.

And since you’re wondering,  AMC star Susan Lucci, who is 1-for-19 in the Daytime Emmy competition for best actress, this year wasn’t nominated. In fact no actress from AMC was nominated.

ABC’s General Hospital and CBS’s Guiding Light also got 13 Daytime Emmy nominations, and so did the PBS kids’ show, Sesame Street, and the recently controversial Postcards from Buster.

But probably the most noteworthy bit about this year’s nominations is that Martha Stewart's now-cancelled daytime show got three nominations.
She’s coming out of prison Monday (and going back into syndication for NBC Universal next fall) and will be under house arrest for another six months. But she might be able to get permission from parole officers to attend the Daytime Emmy ceremonies at Radio City Music Hall May 20.