All In the Family: Bresnan's Executive Team

Bresnan Communications is a family-run business where even
employees whose name isn't Bresnan feel they are part of the family. Many of
Bresnan's executive staff have been with the company for years -- in some cases,

Pat Bresnan has worked with his brother, Bill, since 1965
when both men began working for Jack Kent Cooke. Bill's son Robert joined the
company in 1993. Over the years, several of Bill's children have worked for the
company in various positions.

When Bresnan Communications was sold to Charter
Communications in 2000, some 30 Bresnan employees became instant millionaires.
While many left the company for other pursuits, Bill kept a core group of about
25 on staff -- at his own expense -- while they looked for new cable
opportunities. That opening came in 2003, when AT&T Broadband agreed to
sell its Rocky Mountain
properties to Bresnan. A significant number of those executives are still with
the company today.

President Jeff DeMond joined Bresnan in 1985 as chief
financial officer. Current chief financial officer Andy Kober has been with
Bresnan since 1990, when he came on board as controller. Leonard Higgins,
senior vice president of advanced services, has directed Bresnan's entry into
high-speed data and telephony since 1996. Gareth McIntosh, senior vice
president of engineering, joined Bresnan in 1994. Terry St. Marie, senior vice
president of operations, also joined Bresnan in 1994 overseeing Bresnan's
international operations, strategic partnerships and now operations. Treasurer
Margot Bright was hired in 2002 after stints with TD Securities and Nova Scotia
Bank. Newly named chief operating officer Steve Brookstein is a relative
newcomer having joined Bresnan in 2003.

Among Bill's executive team at Bresnan are:

Jeffrey DeMond, president: DeMond has been president of
Bresnan since 2005. He joined Bresnan as director of finance. Before joining
Bresnan, DeMond was a senior manager with CPA firm Peat, Marwick, Mitchell
& Co.

Steven Brookstein, chief operating officer: Brookstein has
been involved in the cable industry since the mid-1908s when he went to work
for HBO. He later held senior positions with Comcast, @Home Networks and Diva
Systems before assuming responsibility for Bresnan's operations.

Andrew Kober, CFO: Kober came to Bresnan as controller and
is responsible for the accounting and financial reporting functions of
Bresnan's domestic and international operations. Before joining the company,
Kober was a manager with Ernst & Young.

Patrick Bresnan, senior vice president: Bresnan has worked
in cable for 44 years with experience in cable operations, management,
marketing and community relations.

Robert Bresnan, executive vice president/general counsel:
Bob Bresnan has worked for the family business for 16 years but has worked in
the cable industry for 23 years. Before joining Bresnan, he worked for
Hardesty, Puckett & Co. in San Diego.
As in-house counsel, he was responsible for all aspects of cable television

He currently oversees all of Bresnan's legal matters
including administrative issues, franchise transfers, union negotiations, rate
regulation compliance, acquisition and divestiture documentation, as well as
external counsel supervision.

Margot Bright, treasurer: Bright has 13 years experience in
the cable/telecom industry. In addition to running the treasury department,
Bright manages the company's relationships with the financial community and
oversees all capital raising activity.

Jackie Heitman, senior vice president of marketing: Heitman
came to Bresnan from Cox Communications where she was marketing vice president
in New Orleans. She helped Cox
launch its telephony product in a facilities-based switched platform, achieving
nearly 13% market penetration in the first year of being fully launched.

Leonard Higgins, senior vice president of advanced services:
Higgins oversees not only Bresnan's telephony and high-speed data units, he
also is responsible for the company's business telecom services. Before joining
Bresnan, Higgins was executive director of strategic business development at

Gareth McIntosh, senior vice president of engineering:
McIntosh has overseen all domestic and international engineering and operations
for Bresnan for 15 years. He began his career with Rediffusion Ltd., one of the
world's first -- and Britain's
largest -- cable-system operators.

Jeanne Rudell, senior vice president of human resources:
Rudell oversees Bresnan's compensation, benefits, employee relations, internal
communications, learning and development, organization effectiveness, payroll,
staffing and HRIS. Before joining Bresnan in 2008, she held various HR
positions with Clayton Holdings, Oxford Health Plans, Baker & Taylor, W. R.
Grace, The Singer Company and American Can Co.

Terry St. Marie, senior vice president of operations: St.
Marie has overseen Bresnan's field operations, call centers, and network
operations center since 2003. Before that, he supervised Bresnan's
international ventures and strategic partnerships.