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Alison Stewart and Luke Burbank to Host new NPR Morning Program.

NPR’s new 24 hour news service will be getting a new flagship program in the form a of a two hour news magazine hosted by Alison Stewart and Luke Burbank.

The show will air during the morning drive hours, and will be produced by NPR in New York. The new show is part of an effort by NPR to attract younger listeners in the 25-44 demographic.

“When we first announced this program, we said it would serve a generation of public radio listeners and online visitors who want the high-quality, fact-based journalism of NPR News, but in a different voice.  I can’t think of two better journalists to talk with this audience than Alison and Luke,” said Jay Kernis, Senior Vice President for Programming, NPR. 

Alison Stewart comes to the program from NBC, where she had been an anchor on MSNBC, substitute anchor on Weekend Today and contributor to Today.

Burbank is a reporter for NPR, and has been featured on Day to Day and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

The as-yet-untitled program will be available on terrestrial, HD digital and satellite radio, free streaming online audio through station websites, a podcast, and by mobile on-demand. Listeners curious to hear sample segments of the show can listen to them at under the show’s working title, The Bryant Park Project.