Alcatel-Lucent Gets Down To Business With WOW!

Alcatel-Lucent said WideOpenWest Business is deploying its 7750 Service Router and other associated gear as the Denver-based operator looks to upgrade and expand its business services network in the Midwest and Southeastern U.S.

WOW Business’ upgraded network is being deployed in 19 markets, with carrier-grade Ethernet services already being offered in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus and Evansville.

The resulting network, tailored for small- and mid-sized businesses, will enable the unit to support a range of services and products, including VPN, cloud and data center interconnect services, and cell tower backhaul.

WOW Business is also deploying Alcatel-Lucent’s 7210 Service Access Switch and 5620 Service Aware Manager.

WOW! Business owns and operates more than 42,000 miles of local fiber‐optic and coaxial networks, along with data centers that provide customers with access to national carrier backbones.