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On Air Moves to Fox in Chicago, New York

Twentieth’s On Air with Ryan Seacrest is changing digs in New York and Chicago. In both markets, the show is cleared on the Fox duopoly, which consists of a UPN station and a Fox station.

In New York, the show is going from UPN’s WWOR at 5 p.m. to Fox’s WNYW at 3 p.m. It will replace a one-hour block of Tribune’s game show Family Feud, which moves to 4 p.m.

In Chicago, On Air moved from UPN’s WPWR at 6 p.m. to Fox’s WFLD at 3 p.m., replacing a one-hour block of Cops.

While fewer people watch TV at 3 p.m. than they do in access, Twentieth says the move should help the show because On Air now will be on stronger stations in two of the country’s top markets.

On Air is geared to a younger demographic, particularly teenagers, and Twentieth hopes that group will tune into the show when they get home from school.