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AIMS Adds Canon, Harman

The Alliance of IP Media Solutions (AIMS) has added a half dozen more companies to its ranks, with the IP standards body bringing in a total of 15 new members since July.

Canon, Ciema, Gefel, Harman, LiveU and TCP are the newest members of the organization, which first formed last December. AIMS’ goal is to promote the adoption of open standards for the transition to IP-based broadcast and video production workflows. The new companies bring global broadcast, imaging and information tech and live IP video specialties to the group’s mix.

"Canon has joined AIMS because Canon agrees completely with AIMS's goal, to accelerate open technical standards for the purpose of transitioning from SDI to IP,” the company said in a statement.

A TCP company statement reads: “[We] joined AIMS because we think that it is very important not only to have supplier companies but also users in the alliance. We have several projects in the pipeline over the next three years (including a large OB van, a master switching room, a playout center and postproduction facility) and we think that IP technology is the only future proof solution for these challenges.”

AIMS is currently tackling the VSF TR-03, VSF TR-04, SMPTE 2022-6 and AES67 standards.