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AETN Expands E-Commerce to Facebook

AETN Consumer Products has launched an e-commerce initiative that will allow fans to buy merchandise tied to the company's programming on Facebook. The e-commerce Facebook feature, which went live on Dec. 9, allows visitors to the individual Facebook pages for such History shows as Pawn Stars and American Pickers and such A&E fare as Billy the Exterminator, Paranormal State and Dog the Bounty Hunter to buy DVDs, t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise via the Shop tab on each page.

The move is the latest example of the growing importance of social media for programmers, not only to promote their programming, but increasingly to boost ancillary revenues. AETN is planning to launch additional Facebook fan shops for A&E, History and Lifetime in the first quarter of 2011.

"This capability enables us to bring the purchase experience closer to the consumer," noted Andrew Wise, VP of consumer products in a statement. "The Facebook platform by definition facilitates a more social environment in which users can review and recommend products to their friends."

The Facebook e-commerce features will be operated by AETN with Delivery Agent, which manages AETN's online stores.