Aereo to Launch in Boston on May 15

Aereo's controversial TV streaming and cloud DVR combo will
debut in Boston on May 15, marking its first launch outside of New York City.

Aereo announced Tuesday that, beginning May 15, customers
who have preregistered will receive a special invitation to get the
service.  After May 30, Aereo will offer subscriptions to all eligible
consumers in the Boston DMA, which it puts at more than 4.5 million consumers
and 16 counties in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. That will also put
the service squarely in Comcast country.

Boston is the first of several markets that Aereo is teeing
up for the service. In January, Aereoannounced plans to launch the service to 22 markets in 2013, estimating a
potential total reach of 97 million Americans.

Aereo, which employees 60 people in the Boston area,
declined to say which markets are next in line, but the
other cities targeted for expansion include: Minneapolis; Madison, Wis.;
Cleveland; Providence, R.I.; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Chicago;
Salt Lake City; Denver; Kansas City; Baltimore; Washington, D.C.;
Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; Atlanta; Austin, Houston and Dallas, Texas; Tampa and
Miami, Fla.; Birmingham, Ala.; and Detroit.

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