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Aereo Hires Video Game Marketer

Aereo has hired Alex Moulle-Bertreaux, formerly global head
of marketing and PR for Rockstar Games (Grand
Theft Auto
, Red Dead Redemption),
to help market its service as it expands beyond the New York market.

"As chief commercial officer, Moulle-Berteaux will
oversee the company's marketing initiatives, customer care, distribution
partnerships and product management, playing a critical role in helping develop
Aereo's overall business and its nationwide expansion efforts --  a planned 21 markets in 2013 -- announced in
January," Aereo said in announcing the hire.

Aereo's service includes streaming TV station signals
online, which has drawn the ire, legal and otherwise, of broadcasters, who view
the service as something of a grand theft audio and video, arguing it is anillegal attempt to circumvent copyright laws. Aereo has argued that it does
not need broadcaster's permission or pay them for airing the signals because
they are simply providing remote, online access to over-the-air antennas
supplying signals their customers get for free.

A court has refused to enjoin Aereo from providing the
service while the court decides broadcasters' legal challenge, paving the way
to Aereo'sannounced expansion plans last month.