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Aereo Dumps Annual and Day Pricing Plans

Aereo has unveiled a
new "streamlined" pricing plan for new customers that eliminates the company's
previous annual and day plans, and enters the picture as Aereo gets set to
launch services in Boston on May 15.

Under the new plan,
pricing starts at $8 per month for access to the company's antenna array plus
20 hours of cloud DVR storage. Customers can upgrade to 60 hours of DVR storage
for another $4 per month. As a carrot, new customers also get their first month
for free, and they can cancel at any time, the company said.

Aereo's old plan
included a daily $1 subscription teamed with three hours of DVR storage; 40
hours of DVR storage for $12 per month; and $80 per year for 40 hour of
storage. It was not immediately clear if the company's free sampling option,
which provides access to the service for a continuous one-hour period every day,
remains intact.

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