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Advanced Ad Spending Up 92%: Videology

Spending on advanced advertising and programmatic TV campaigns has nearly doubled, growing by 92% since the first quarter, according to a new report by TV advertising software company Videology.

Videology, in its third-quarter U.S. Video At-A-Glance report, defines advanced TV campaigns as those that target audience using data that goes beyond traditional age and sex to select appropriate linear TV programs networks and dayparts.

The amount of TV inventory available to be bought and sold programmatically has also shot up, rising more than 500% since the first quarer.

“We’re seeing two big shifts in linear TV advertising: marketers want to use more data to further segment their audiences beyond age/gender and suppliers want to increase yield by packaging data with inventory,” said Scott Ferber, founder and CEO of Videology, in a statement. “As both of these objectives become more common, we’re seeing more and more linear inventory come into the ‘advanced’ TV marketplace. There remains a fine balance between the ability to achieve scalable reach and precision targeting, but both advertisers and media companies are seeing the value in bringing data into the equation.” 

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