Adult Swim Backs College Hip-Hop Tour

Adult Swim and mobile provider Helio will make their presence known on a dozen college campuses as sponsors for a hip-hop tour headlined by Ghostface Killah.

The cross-country, three-week tour, which also features Witchdoctor, kicks off at State University of New York, Albany on Oct. 1 and culminates in Albuquerque at the University of New Mexico on Oct. 19. The trek will be promoted across the Cartoon Network spinoff’s site, on its late-night air and through radio, street, online and video outlets, according to network officials.

The tour will be heavily promoted across the multiple interactive outlets frequented by college students. will serve as the dedicated online home to the tour, presented by Helio. Visitors will have access to tour dates and locations, artist bios, streaming audio, artist blogs and more. A promotional outreach campaign will also include college newspaper and radio placement and field marketing efforts on campus leading up to the show. On-site the night of each performance, attendees get the chance to relax in the Adult Swim and Helio lounge.

“We are excited to have Helio on board to deliver a free Adult Swim concert and a significant experience to fans,” said Beth Goss, executive vice president of Adult Swim ad sales, marketing and enterprises in a statement.

Added Helio executive vice president of marketing Kiernan Hannon: ”We’re excited to team up with Adult Swim for this tour so students across the country can put down the books for a bit and have some fun while experiencing the Helio brand.”