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Adelphia Adds Sigma Voice Aid

Denver— Sigma Systems Group will provide Adelphia Communications Corp. with selected voice-over-Internet protocol solutions and services.

Adelphia plans to begin launching voice this year, while Time Warner Cable and Comcast Corp. work on closing a deal that will split up the MSO’s assets.

Time Warner will have launched VoIP in all its divisions by year-end. Comcast has begun VoIP rollouts this year.

Sigma said Adelphia will use Sigma’s Service Management Platform (SMP), as well as Sigma’s VoIP Service Package, CLEC Inter-carrier Gateway solution, and its new Advanced Diagnostics Manager tool for VoIP. The SMP supports 1.5 million broadband Internet customers in 31 states.

“Voice is just the beginning of a complex suite of new data and multimedia services delivered over our network,” Adelphia vice president of data engineering and operations Tom Buttermore said in a statement. “VoIP is really about enabling a variety of content over IP services in a highly customizable, flexible and user-friendly manner. It’s about delivering advanced features and unifying communications.”

Adelphia is one of a number of MSOs that have deployed Sigma’s HSD OSS product, and now joins Cox Communications Inc. and Rogers Cable using in Sigma’s VoIP software, according to vice president of product marketing Preston Gilmer.

Sigma said its SMP and VoIP service package provides Adelphia with order management, resource management, service provisioning and intercarrier gateway integration capabilities for VoIP services. Services include dial tone, voice mail, long-distance service provider selection and calling features.

The SMP is built under open standards and provides Adelphia with integration capabilities for billing solutions, soft-switch operations, voice mail and competitive local-exchange carrier partners.