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Ad Council Fights 'Mannequinism'

The Ad Council has launched a new set of public-service announcements urging young people to vote.

The Council, which combines pro-bono creative from the ad industry with donated airtime from the media, is looking to boost civic participation among 18-24-year-olds.

The Council cites a a 2002 report from The Center for Information & Research that found that 57% of American youth ages 15-25 are "completely disengaged from civic life and politics."

In the humorous PSA, kids are shown the consequences of that disengagement: They turn into mannequins

The spots, which are currently being distributed to TV and radio stations, were created by Atlanta-based agency WestWayne. They are part of a 25-year industry vote campaign to which the media have already donate $450 million in airtime.