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ACA to Google: Don't Strong-Arm Small Ops With Motorola Deal

It isn't clear that Google's proposed $12.5 billion takeover of Motorola Mobility is good news for small operators, according to the American Cable Association.

Google announced Monday plans to acquire Motorola Mobility, citing the company's large patent portfolio and commitment to Google's Android operating system.

"We're going to review the deal to understand the impact on the cable set-top box market, which has been a frustrating one for small cable operators long beholden to the Motorola-Cisco duopoly," ACA president and CEO Matt Polka said in a statement. "ACA members will want assurances from Google that it is both committed to the cable business model and won't use its market power to run roughshod over smaller cable operators."

Polka also called on Google to continue developing IP-based solutions for delivering video to subscribers across a range of devices. "Prior to today's Motorola Mobility announcement, Google has had its own interests in all of these areas, and it will be important that Google's other business interests do not unduly harm the growth of these new competitive market opportunities," he said.

ACA represents nearly 900 small and midsize independent cable operators, representing more than 7.6 million subscribers.