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ABC Tops Broadcast Nets for Most Female Viewers

ABC stands as the dominant
broadcast network for women viewers, according to an analysis by Brad Adgate, research
director, Horizon Media, MediaDailyNews

The research states that
65.1% of ABC viewers are women for its primetime programming. Of its primetime
shows, Private Practice comes
in at 76%, Grey's Anatomy at 73%, Dancing With the Stars at 71% and its
results show at 69%, Body of Proof at
67% and 20/20 at 66%.

The other networks post percentages that favor male
viewers. CBS came in at 58.4%; Fox, 56.5%; NBC, 54.5% and the CW, 59.5%. Analysts
explain that ABC's serial dramas and soaps draw more women than CBS, which airs
more crime procedural shows that male viewers tend to watch. NBC's comedies and
Fox's animated comedies also draw more men than women.

Some cable networks also bring in more women than men: Lifetime
brings in 74% as its women viewers; WE, 75%; Oxygen, 70%; Food Network, 64%;
Bravo, 72%; OWN, 73%; E!, 70% and VH1, 61%.

The largest percentage of women viewing any network,
broadcast or cable, belongs to SoapNet, at 83%. Conversely, the networks with
the least amount of women viewers are the Golf Channel, at 24%; NFL Network,
28% and Versus, 30%.