ABC: No problems with Bob Patterson

Despite two recent cast changes, the addition of a new character and the departure of a head writer, ABC's upcoming fall series Bob Patterson, starring Seinfeld alumnus Jason Alexander, ABC insists there is no internal turmoil affecting the production, Reuters reports.

"There are no internal problems and there have never been any internal problems," ABC Entertainment Television Group Co-chairman Lloyd Braun told reporters at a Sunday event to promote the network's fall schedule. "That show could not be going any better." Braun commented on the show following recent casting changes for two of its major roles, and an ongoing search for an actor to play a new character. A month ago, Tim Doyle, who co-wrote the original pilot, reportedly left over creative differences with Alexander. All the changes mean the show's pilot will most likely have to be re-shot.

Alexander stars in the series as a recently divorced motivational speaker who promotes his seminars through his own company.