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ABC boasts strong 2002-03 movie lineup

To spark its 2002-03 season, ABC has lined up a roster of box-office hits
including American Beauty, Charlie's Angels, Gladiator,
The Green Mile and What Lies Beneath.

Many of the movies will be presented in 720p (progressive) high-definition-TV format with 5.1-channel
surround sound.

Oscar-nominated The Green Mile, starring Tom Hanks, will premiere on
ABC Saturday, Sept. 28, and will kick off ABC's "Saturday Night at the Movies."

The next night, ABC will kick off this season of The Wonderful World of
with Toy Story 2, also in 720p HDTV format. Toy Story 2
also stars Tom Hanks as the voice of Woody, as well as Tim Allen as the voice of
Buzz Lightyear.