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Aaron Meyerson

Aaron Meyerson has a big job ahead: reinvent syndication. It’s something a lot of bright minds have been trying to figure out for a long time, so there will be plenty of people watching to see if he’s the one who can crack the code. But Meyerson is tackling the task with enthusiasm. His new boss, John Nogawski, says he sent “pages” of new ideas over the December holidays, before Meyerson was even officially on board.

Meyerson is ushering in a big change at CTD. Instead of considering itself primarily a developer of shows for TV stations, the company is opening itself up to develop content for all relevant platforms. That seems like a given in today’s digital world, but many old-media providers have been slow to adapt.

Meyerson has no syndication experience, and that may work in his favor. He has years of working for upstart cable networks and studios, including MTV, Oxygen and Fox Television Studios. Among the programs he’s produced and developed are Tori and Dean for Oxygen and Paris Hilton: My New BFF for MTV.

“Syndication has been a little sleepy lately in terms of new ideas,” Meyerson told B&C. Let’s see if he is the guy to wake things up.