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7. Gannett

22 stations/17.37% of U.S.

It's always a hit or miss and a risk when you go for new programming," says Susan Newkirk, president and general manager of Gannett's KTHV(TV) Little Rock, Ark.

And KTHV , like others, took a chance with Dr. Laura. The show "did not turn out as expected," she says. As a result, the station had to make a move to fix the 3 to 4 p.m. time period. "We moved Dr. Laura
to 2 a.m., and temporarily put Martha Stewart
on," says Newkirk. Rosie
follows at 4 p.m.

In the fall, The Other Half
will join the station's afternoon lineup. "It's going to air somewhere between 3 to 5 p.m., we're not sure when," she adds. Gannett is one of three station groups that banded together to form a syndicated programming development and distribution alliance. The partnership with Hearst-Argyle Television and the NBC Television Stations will enable broadcasters to be directly involved in the development process. The Other Half
is the first show the alliance will launch.

Also new to the station this fall is Ananda, says Newkirk. It's going to run in late night and will replace Judge Mathias. "We felt like Ananda
was a good late-night program." Ananda
is part of a package deal the station made when it got Martha Stewart, which KTHV took away from a competitor in the marketplace.

KTHV 's only other daytime hour targeted for syndicated offerings is in the morning. But the Gannett station considers its current fare, Live With Regis, to be a winner. "It's No. 1 in its time period," says Newkirk. Nor will KTHV likely alter its programming in the access time period. Extra
did "quite well in the November ratings," says Newkirk. "We have it until fall 2002; we don't plan on making any changes."