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3D, Internet Connectivity Are Not Big Drivers of TV Sales: Study

Some of the new features for TV sets that have been heavily hyped by consumer electronics manufacturers, such as 3D and internet connectivity, are not proving to be major motivators of new TV set sales, according to a new study from DisplaySearch of set purchasing decisions in 14 markets around the world.

The conclusion that 3D features or Internet connectivity are not pushing consumers to speed up their purchases of new TVs and have not become a major driver in the decision to purchase same could have a significant impact on how fast these products move into the home. Moreover, it could hamper programmers and operators who plan to market services and content that rely on 3D or online capabilities.

The results are also disappointing news for set manufacturers, who had hoped that Internet connectivity, 3D and LED backlights would drive higher sales and speed up the replacement cycle, driving people back into the market for a new set faster than they traditional had done.

While consumers liked these new features, the DisplaySearch Global TV Replacement Study found that the main reasons why people decide to buy a new TV are the same ones that have been cited for years: namely that they wanted to "have a newer, bigger and better performing TV," the study concluded.

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