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3. Paxson Communications

62 stations/33.41% of U.S.

For the Pax station group the focus remains on original programming. "We're not really looking for syndicated product. All our emphasis is on original production." says Jeff Sagansky, president and CEO, Paxson Communications Corp. Pax TV stations rely less on syndicated shows and more on the original programming delivered by the Pax TV Network.

Nonetheless, the Pax TV network is in the market for a "good" game show, says Sagansky. Indeed, Paxson executives will be checking out game shows at NATPE. "We're looking to extend our game block backward into the afternoon," he notes. The Pax TV Network currently airs a game show block from 6 to 8 p.m.

The network is "always looking" for an original half hour or hour drama that would play once or twice a week in prime time, says Sagansky. "That's mostly not the syndicated fare because they're mostly doing action adventure or sci-fi. But the right drama we would look at," he says.

As for the syndication marketplace in general, Sagansky thinks talk is "by and large on the decline." So are the court shows, although some of them are still doing well, he adds. "Everybody is looking for the next thing. I don't know what that is. Something in the talk area will eventually break through but the odds are against it. The odds are against everything," he says.

Furthermore, broadcasters must address an even greater issue, says Sagansky. "The biggest problem is not really the form that's working but where has the [daytime] audience gone."